Creating perfect spaces 

Wine Cabinet

We specialise in custom made furniture for residential, commercial and retail spaces.

Our bespoke pieces are a reflection of the special relationship we have with our clients reflecting their lives, their places and their passions (fullstop).

Our furniture doesn't simply occupy a space, it makes a statement. 



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"our furniture is alive"


Our furniture transforms with age, evolving with you. It tells your story and makes new memories with you. 

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Wine Cabinet

" La réalisation commence par l'émotion."

                                                             - Jérôme Delage -

Dinning table Oak
Bookshelf custom designed and made by DELAGE

"more than work; a true passion" 

I am Jérôme DELAGE ,a French designer whose passionate about making artisan furniture built to last a lifetime. My perfectionistic approach and dedication brings my client's commissions to life, infusing their visions with my sense of style  and workmanship to elevate spaces.

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" Tout vrai regard est un désir."                        - Alfred De Musset -

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the beauty and eternity of metal

We start by using the finest grades of steel, brass, copper and bronze enhancing the natural beauty of these materials through.

We combine the raw beauty and strength of these metals with our upstanding craftsmanship to create a natural elegance which lasts an eternity.

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