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My Artisanal Approach

At Delage Furniture, my approach to furniture craftsmanship is deeply rooted in artistry and a passion for design. As the sole artisan within my company, I bring together an exceptional blend of high-quality materials, artisanal skills, and creativity to craft bespoke furniture that embodies elegance and functionality.

Manufacture of High-End Furniture

I specialize in the crafting of high-end furniture of all kinds. Whether you are in search of a bookshelf, a bar, a kitchen island, a media unit, a desk, a table, a wine cellar cabinet, or something entirely unique, I am prepared to turn your vision into reality.


Mastery of Materials

My expertise goes beyond wood, encompassing a diverse range of premium materials. I work with solid wood, natural wood veneer, metals (steel, brass, copper, bronze, aluminum), marble, stone, leather and more. Each of these materials is meticulously chosen to ensure both quality and aesthetics.


Exquisite Finishes and Art of Patina

Beauty lies in the details, which is why I offer a diverse range of wood finishes using natural products that preserve the richness of the grain and the texture of the wood. Furthermore, my expertise in the art of patina on metal ensures unique finishes that add a touch of sophistication to each piece.


Contact us
I am here to turn your idea into reality. If you're looking for high-quality custom furniture, reach out to me to discuss your project. Together, we will create furniture that reflects your style and personality.

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