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            My name is Jerome Delage, I am a 35 year old Frenchman who has lived in New Zealand for almost ten years. When I was in France and for the first two years in New Zealand I worked in the construction industry. However, I needed to do something more creative, artistic and refined which is why I started my own furniture making business. Its been six years since I followed my passion and for the last three years I have lived in worked in Taipa. The native bush around me is one of my strongest sources of inspiration. My pieces are made of metal and wood using copper, brass, bronze,  traditional hardwoods, veneer and more... of the best quality to make timeless pieces which stand the test of time. My passion is bringing ideas to life,  I work with my clients to bring forward their visions and create pieces which are truly tailor made. 


I am proud to work alongside commercial clients, such as Cloudy Bay Winery, and residential homeowners to make furniture which is considered a masterpiece. I am a meticulous perfectionist working in the same manner as traditional artisans worked prior to the industrial revolution keeping this knowledge alive. My greatest satisfication is seeing the emotion of my clients when I unveil their finished works. I make all types of furniture for residential and commercial clients throughout New Zealand. I look forward to working on your next project with you. 


DELAGE Furniture  is a vibrant young bespoke furniture design and build company creating furniture concepts you won't  find anywhere else. The style could be broadly classed as authentic  / timeless  but the pieces come with such inherent elegance they harmonise with any setting. 


                                                                                                                                                               - Metropol Magazine -  

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