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Bespoke process

Together, we undertake a collaborative process as we believe in realising all of our clients' unique and individual needs. We will guide you through from conception to installation, bringing to life a shared vision.

The first rendez-vous..

Where possible, we  begin our process by visiting the home or premises to discuss your needs. We then get a taste of your functional and aesthetic requirements along with a feel for the style and setting of the space.

We then work towards producing a first design which harmonises  function, beauty and space. 

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Finding your statement

We then undertake a robust design process marrying engineering and aesthetic design for your review.  We work with you to create a comprehensive drawing that embodies your tastes, needs and desires.  Only when you are satisfied, will we begin manufacturing.... 

Breathing life to vision

Every aspect of your design will be handcrafted in our atelier, combining traditional metal working techniques with modernity. Our commitment to quality materials, quality workmanship and to the environment means that together we make more than furniture; we create a statement that stands the test of time

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Bringing your vision home 

Once completed, we accompany our pieces to their final destination, ensuring perfect installation and positioning. In true French style, we celebrate each of our completed projects with a bottle of bubbles as we appreciate the journey that led to "Our Masterpiece"  coming home…


  • First rendez-vous and initial ideas

  • Design and sketch review to approval

  • Manufacturing 

  • Project delivery and installation

  •  Fulfilment and Champagne

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" Inspired by life experiences and a love of nature, each  pieces transcend the ordinary. " 


                                                                          - Metropol magazine -

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